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16 May 2017 11:04 #18450 by Dalerien
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Good day Kin:

I have just begun my foray into Legendary Items, having completed the Epic quest line opening to receive my Champion's sword. I was able to identify it, and equip it. Following the quest line, I raised it to level 10, then was told to reforge it (in the quest line).

I also have three other LI's in my inventory from drops, both weapons and a class item. I had tried to "identify" these at my first use of the "Forge Master" and could not. When I returned to reforge, these items did show up on the "identify item" screen, but I continued with the "reforge" of the first sword in the quest line. My intent was to return to these after dealing with the quest.

Once I had completed the quest line, and received the next step, I returned to the Forge Master and he would not speak to me! All I get is "You cannot use that item" when I click on him.

What am I missing here? Should I have identified the other LI's before completing the quest line? Do I now have to wait until I need to reforge again in order to add the other LI's to my inventory for their advancement? I was under the inpression that you could advance LI experience on all at the same time once identivied and bound to your character.

Any thoughts from past experience?


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17 May 2017 15:23 #18453 by Dalerien
Dalerien replied the topic: Legendary Item Discussion
Ahhh... I have learned at least something! It is necessary to complete the Epic Book 2 starter quest line right up to entering Moria... and just inside to complete. You receive your second LI there and then you have complete access to the Forge Master and the Relic Master.

You may slot up to six LI's and all of them gain experience as you quest... though only two may be worn at a time, thereby giving their innate boosts to your character.

You can also identify LI's for other classes that you cannot slot, BUT they can be deconstructed at the Relic Master for usable items. I have to check and see if there are some that can be slotted as well, those that do not say "class" "item" (like Runemaster's Staff) in their name. I have been told that you can, and they will gain exp. and can be deconstructed for better items.

I have re-forged but once and now I wonder if I should keep the quest LI equipped, or switch to one of the 3rd age ones that I have had drop....

More to learn still....


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