Preface to The Book of Thursby: Faithwrights of Numenor




House Ciryaturs


the rise of the

Faithwrights of Numenor

as compiled and illuminated by

Handuli of the House of Ciryaturs, S.A. 1812

Loximir Thursby, T.A. 3002

Tinifalas Thursby, F.A. 18

Preface to the Third Revised Edition of the Faithwrights of Numenor.

The Faithwrights of Numenor (FoN) is compiled from the fragments and precious few complete scrolls and tales from the Eldar Days of the First Age and Second Age of this Middle-earth. My predecessors in their fashion have done yeoman's work building the foundations on which I have continued the efforts. It has been only with the insights of the Fare Folk, long friends to the Thursby Kinship much has been preserved of our history and for this I mark here our gratitude.

- Tinifalas Thursby, Minas Tirith, Fourth Age 18.

Preface to the Second Revised Edition of the Faithwrights of Numenor.

Here is set the known words attesting to the history of the Thursby Family in the bygone ages of Middle-earth. The luminary historian Handuli of the House of Ciryaturs laid down the first collection of stories from which I have added the accumulated knowledge gained since in this edition. Lore Masters of our Age would be aghast at the lack of original sources, however it is widely understood such is due to the oral traditions giving way to properly scribed records.
-Loximir Thursby, Third Age, 3002

Preface to the First Edition of the Faithwrights of Numenor.

The House of Ciryaturs set to put to record the tales passed down from its founding fathers. Owing to the nature of these earliest years, no proper record was kept until the House had come into being for some many years. Nevertheless it is my hope this scribe's efforts will not be in vain and give knowledge to those yet to come of our earliest struggles and for what we stood for.
- Handuli of the House of Ciryaturs.


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