Wars of The First Age and the Coming to Elenna-nore.

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"Souls weary rise anew from the promise of new life on unknown shores amidst a vast sea." ~Nathamir of the House of Ciryaturs. 28 S.A.

Wars of The First Age and the Coming to Elenna-nore.

In the years of the First Age people of original Edain blood settled near the shores of the Bay of Balar in the town of Arvernien. Theirs was a life of peace, attuned to the rhythms of the sea and its life. Soon these men came into friendship with the Eldar who made hearth and home in the Havens of Sirion. For the greater portion of the Age man and Elf enjoyed fellowship with one another.

Drawn by the lustrous blue of the sea of Belegaer and learning at the knee of their ageless friends, the men of Arvernien came to achieve skill as shipwrights that rivaled any in Beleriand. In this age it was not the custom of the race of men to take a sires name, the kindred took to title themselves as being of the House of Ciryaturs, or Ship Masters in the tongue of Quenya.

The rise of shadows and the convulsions of the land and sea heralded the great War of Wrath in the halls of the House of Creatures. Patriarch of Falathrim who dwelled in Havens of Sirion, 'Tsubchi, rallied the spirits of the Edain through the tales of their Teleri kin and so marshalled the men to war for the first time under the banner of their chief, Nathamir.

The war concluded the stern Edain returned to their homes overlooking the Bay of Balar. They were quick in action and sacrifice yet reticent to claim glory. By deed they earned immense yet silently given esteem. It was only with much urgent counsel that Nathamir heeded the call by Elros, son of Earendil, to take-up the gift of rest the Valar bestowed to the race of Men. Thus the shipwrights of House Ciryaturs saw the Age end as they crafted many white vessels in their traditional fashion. In turn these ships carried many of the race of men to their reward far to the west during the coming two score and ten years.

The isle settled and the realm of Numenor declared in 32 S.A., Nathamir settled the kin of his house in the city of Andunie on the shores of the bay taking its name from it. Ensconced in a great fjord on the north western spur of the isle of Numenor, it afforded a secure, sheltered harbor and was nearest to the forbidden Valinor. This was much desired as they had fought closely alongside the Elves in the concluding war of the first age and his house was named Elendili, "Elf-Friends" by the First Born.

These Elendili were predecessors in their devotion to the Valar as the Faithful later in the age. Those of the kin quickly and long kept ties and trade with the Faire Folk of the Undying Lands and those Edain whom kept their homes on Middle-earth. Likewise, they became fast friends to the men of Hyarrostar and skilled in the husbandry of trees there which were the root of their earliest and best known trade, the building of fine ships. In service to their early trade, kin also settled in Romenna in eastern Numenor, who's bay hosted the graving docks for their ships.

Those of House Ciryaturs were well skilled as mariners, a trait not uncommon naturally as it was said to be imbued in the blood of the men of Numenor. However it was such that their house became among the earliest and most stout supporters of the Uinendili, the "Guild of Venturers" whose guildhall, often kept aboard a ship, was hosted in their home of Andunie in SA 750.

Shadows rose again and the men of Westernesse rose again to meet them. Tar-Minastir dispatched a great fleeting to aid Gil-galad in the War of the Elves and Sauron in year 1700 of the S.A. It's commander was the Numenorean admiral Ciryatur. His own mother was from the House of Ciryaturs. Ciryatur crossed the sea of Arda aboard a flagship crafted by the House Ciryaturs and many from it took arms and sailed with the kindred admiral.

They sailed to aid the high Elven king whose Elves had been driven back to the River Lhûn by Sauron. The high King was near defeat when the great fleet from Númenor arrived and Sauron was repelled with great loss. The Ciryatur was able to effect landings on inhospitable shores thanks to the ships and skills of the House of Ciryaturs. In so doing the Admiral was able to effect a secret envelopment of Souron's forces, appearing in force at his rear as he fled the onslaught at the Lhun. Then fully routed at the Battle of the Gwathló, Sauron escaped and fled to Mordor following utter defeat at Calenardhon.