Fall of the Kings and the Plight of the Faithful.

"The doom of men ought to keep us from dwelling too much on the ephemeral and seek the greater truth beyond. Too many fail to seek and only escape the doom." - Ocala of Romenna

Fall of the Kings and the Plight of the Faithful.

After the War of Wraith and the breaking of Beleriand, House Ciryaturs returned to their havens on Numenor and resumed their work. The House Ciryaturs had much involvement with the building of the harbors at Umbar, Pelargir and Belfalas. Dry goods and stores from Middle-earth became an expanded source of wealth for the house. Trade and other commerce ensured that news also flowed into the halls of Andunie continuously.

All the while the shadows of the Enemy never fully lifted from Middle-earth and even cast darkness over Numenor. Edain from far away lands held dominion over isolated lands on Middle-earth and became sundered from men of High Blood. Thus the Middle-men came to be. Resentment and presumption drove Kings to assert tyranny over the lands beyond the island, exacerbating the change of esteem the blood of Numenor was held in.

Among the men of High Blood, across Numenor a rift developed between those who honored the Valar and precips of Eru and those aligned with the Kings. The Kings grew in resentment of the Eldar and the seeming inquiry of lifespans. The Kings came to pursue corporeal power and to halt the slow decline in longevity which seemed to beset some blood lines more as the age progressed.

The chiefs of the House came into close council with the Lords of Andunie even as ties to the Kings of Numenor frayed. Relations with the Elves of Valinor and the havens on Middle-earth remained warm. Which only gave root to suspicion of the House among the Kings as they lost faith in the patronage of the Valar.


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