Seminal Icons of the House of Ciryaturs.

"The Doom of Men meant words of lore faded even with the long lived blood of Numenor. It was with hope of aiding in the passage of wisdom and awareness of darkness that the Falathrim gave their Elf Friends the most revered relics of their House." - Tinfalas Thursby, The Book of Thursby, Volume One.

"Seminal Icons of the House of Ciryaturs."

The great Seeing Stones and legendary weapons of the age were coveted for their imbued qualities. They were the highest examples of their kind and we're never replicated as the skill in craft which produced them diminished.

It would be wrong to describe the seminal Icons of the House Ciryaturs as lesser examples of their craft however. Rather they were with specific and narrow purposes. These icons were gifts given by Falathrim, who had divided their dwellings between the havens at Edholland and the Undying lands. They were to provide warning and guidance.

The first of these icons was the Dagger of Warding. This dagger was presented to the chief of the House of Ciryaturs and passed to its successor for ages to come. It possessed a blade of traditional Elven design with a curved blade and grip. It's pummel featured a crystal which with a twist of it's true silver mount could be concealed. The makers imbued the crystal with qualities that gave the blades keeper warning in times of approaching danger. The crystal would demonstrate a hue when the daggers carrier had need to be weary or mindful. The hue had no specific threat tied to it. Rather, like the second icon, its meaning was left to the mind of its keeper.

The second icon gifted to the House of Ciryaturs was named the Beacon of Andunie. The beacon was a palm sized crystal whose hue was fluid. When spurred to life the beacon was ever changing from transparent to opaque and luminous to dark. The quality the Elves imbued the Beacon with was to forewarn of interesting times. The Beacons keepers may devine images and notions from laying of hands over it or gazing into its depths. However over the ages the Beacon was said to provide guidance best through inspiring dreams which its keeper was left to determine the meanings of.

These gifts were kept secret and safe from the knowledge of the King of Numenor. They would prompt their keepers to view their times with clear minds and if not to give foresight, pause at least to consider and prepare for the possible.


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