"The Forge Masters were true in every way to their lore and traditions.  Still, what their efforts produced remained dark and inert.  What old and new alike was lacking ancient lore did not prescribe. Purpose."

- Benjimir Thursby, "The Analects."

Six years removed before Benjimir’s footfall on the Sagolii, the Andustar reported a variety of observations of the red moon which lay ahead of the fleet.  Observations had demonstrated that this moon had begun to shift in its orbit.  Caution dictated closer monitoring that thus led to unnerving revelations.  

The corps of craft and making studied images, prepared briefings to advise the Command Advocate General (CAG)-the term given to replace that of Steward-and fleet commanders as to what the findings could mean.  The most accomplished, the Master Keepers, had not completed those reports before Benjimir briefed them all to awaking the night before of the long vanished glow of ancient weapons and the Silithar seeming to sing with a resonance to an unseen connection.

Word of the ancient relics taking on new life was not widely disseminated within the fleet.  However study of the blue world and its moon intensified.  Soon signs of the Dossimir or "Dossi" Effect were observed from the Andustar and correlated with findings from the Meneltarmir and Entullesse.  

The “Dossi’ effect was named for the alchemist Obrick Dossimir who first learned how to tie crystals into resonance across vast distances.  The discovery became the foundation of many technocrafts.  It was the basis on which the means to communicate through Commstones without the loss of time between each became possible.  

The Craft and Lore "Master Keepers" were only able to touch on the depths of the 'Dossi' Effect' but the possibilities seemed without limits.  After an age, the craft seemed nearly as magic even to those who were well practiced in its works.  It was deeply unnerving, generations after sailing from their home, for the near mythical relics to spring to life seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  Whatever the red moon was as well as its presumed parent world, it had a resonance with craft and lore from ages and a hundred thousand light years away.


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