The red moon entered the blue worlds upper atmosphere and lingered for some weeks.  Reports were drafted and circulated at a furious pace seeking to log the most minute changes.  The Andustar, already too close to easily shift her course continued to close of Arda 922 despite the unease and risk in doing so.  It was by now inescapable to the White Fleet that there was ill purpose to the moon’s purpose and fall.  More unnerving was the resemblance to ancient symbols of dread and evil from wars and enemies.  Such symbolic images and portents were at the heart of the great awakening and leaving the shores of the homeworld ages past.  Now the Relics were alive again and each day brought more indecipherable comms from the planet.  Now, only half way to the end of the expected journey some, including Benjimir questioned if perhaps they had arrived ahead of their time.

~Unattributed Personal Log,


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