“Dossimir interference peaked at 01:20:00 Fleet Standard Bell.  Visual contact with SNS Andustar and Meneltarmir was restored at 01:22:00.  Dossimir comms were restored with Meneltarmir at 01:28:00.  No contact with Andustar has been achieved since the break in communications.  

On orders from CAG, SNS Meneltarmir and Entulesse have commenced breaking burns for synchronized solar orbit above the planet, [designated Arda 922 per Fleet Ops Communique 7683.2.]  Arrival will occur over several years.  SNS Forostar, per orders has engaged at full burn along an intercept track and determine Andustar’s condition, render aid as required and pull her into a solar orbit until the remainder of the fleet can assemble.  

Landers and expeditionary teams are dispatching from Meneltarmir with orders to make landfall and report on Arda 922 during the 48 months leading to Entulesse’s arrival.” 

~Fleet Operations Communique for Open and Free Dispatch.


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