“Night Lights and Sharp Objects.” [1.0]

"Written details and instructions become as vague and uncertain as myths given enough time."

- Ossimira Meigs, "Technospectives."

The legendary weapons and crystals of the old forge masters continued to glow and sparkle for many years after the white ships left their home world.  To the dismay of all however the imbued qualities faded over time and for ages they remained stunning but static examples of craftwork seemingly beyond the people’s skill.  

Or at least it seemed.  

Many attempts were made to forge new weapons, often using gems and metals from lesser ancient examples.  The techniques were well documented and often practiced.  But to no avail.  New and ancient blade and gem sat dark. 

The dark was how best Benjimir preferred to keep his quarters at night with his gaze and mind cast toward the stars ahead.  Of late the blue world and it's moons along the fleets course were foremost on his mind.  One pale and white, the other red and luminous.  As was customary the fleet was deep into study of the bodies orbiting the star ahead.  The fleets intended destination was directly past this system in the center of a constellation, at least from the perspective of their forefathers.  

There were many whose task it already was to determine plans to navigate the system, take advantage of the opportunity to obtain resources before the fleets journey continued.  This did not prevent Benjimir from pondering the same things for himself.  

It was a faint shimmer from his case of relics which drew his attention away from the starscape outside his porthole.  The Beacon of Andunie had awakened.


"Portholes, Relics and Beacons.” [1.0]

"The coming of the adventure could have been foreseen by looking out of a portal anytime in the previous lifetime.  But Arda 922 only took on significance when the Beacon of Andunie began to shimmer in the dark of Benjimir's quarters."

- Loxonica Omber, "Through the Crystal, Darkly."

Benjimir’s quarters afforded him a wide porthole that stood deck to ceiling. He spent untold hours there, pondering the endless stars and journey now ages old and bound to last for many more beyond his own life.  For a year now he had looked to the red and blue points of light.  A planet and moon it seemed.  The ships of the fleet were to pass by it en-route to their intended destination.  He no longer needed the visually enhanced projection on the porthole to pick them out.  His own ship, the Entulesse would be the third of seven ships to pass through.  The first, Andustar was less than a  year from its encounter.  The Meneltarmir a year after and his own remained some five years away.

Benjimir’s quarters on Entulesse were also more office space than a stateroom, a perk of his role as patriarch of the Thursby family.  A modest bed and personal care space were attached.  He came to his rank by promotion through provost marshal, regent and finally election as the steward of the monarchy.  It was the now defunct bloodlines of the Kings and Stewards which had set its people into the stars, leaving behind their world to other races.  A wall of relics near sacred to the people aboard the seven ships gave material testament to the reality of the mythic tales of their history.

Chief among these relics were the Silithar, a gem which once was used in forging a sword wielded by kings.  The sword had remained on its homeworld in the keep of a being known only as the Blue Lady.  Should it or one able to wield it be needed again the Lady would provide it to another.  

Near to the sword were other items of metal, daggers, including one passed for many generations to the matriarch of the Thursby family.  One dagger was said to shimmer in different hues when danger approached it's owner.  

On a small tripod on the shelf was a dark, marbled crystal.  It was the Beacon of Andunie.  It was kindred to the seeing stones of the past ages.  However rather than give the holder means to see through the span of time and space it provided personal Revelations.  

The Beacon of Andunie would shimmer and glow it was thought to signify to it's guardian of the impending approach of momentous moments.  In this way the crystals guardian customarily meditated while holding or gazing into the Crystal.  Indeed, it was precisely in this way that a seeing stone akin to the beacon itself had prompted the High King to set his people assail in the stars, seemingly directing them to the point in the sky the seven white ships were even now approaching.  This quest had become the mandate of the Thursby family with the end of the line of Kings and old line of Stewards.


The Book of Thursby - Timelines.


The BoT timeline bounces all over the place.  To give some context to it all I created these tags, starting with FFXIV.


1.0 - FFXIV 1.0

RR - A Realm Reborn.

HS - Heavensword.

SB - Stormblood.

SBr - Shadowbringers

P [Post] - (prefix denoting after released MSQ. Meaning all MSQ content in-game at release of an expansion.  All MSQ afterward is deemed Post MSQ and a build-up to the next expansion)


PSB: chapter takes place in the time after Stormblood's release MSQ and before the start of Shadowbringers.

Mainline story - The Book of Thursby: Scions of Numenor

Epigraphs, anecdotes, and items not tied to a chapter.  Intended for adding insights and context to mainline chapters - The Appendices of the Book of Thursby

Special chapters of the BoT intended to be read together for effect.  Also chapters written by or from the perspectives if antagonists.  - The Codicies of The Book of Thursby

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Preface to The Book of Thursby and an Introduction to the Appendices.


The Analects and Collected Journals of Benjimir


A History of the 

Deeds and Contributions


Thursby Family.

Volume Two.

"The Scions of Numenor." 




The journey of the Thursby family through the ages and beyond has been committed to written word longer than any record we now possess.

Through calamity, war and neglect not all of that long record has survived to our great loss.  Where journals and recorded tales fail we have legends.  Where the legends have been forgotten we have myths.  Usually where myths reach their limits, we have supposition drawn from what wise minds can conjure from the patterns that are replete through all of time.  

Unfailingly one is tasked with the duty of compiling what is known, can be determined, and what informed speculation can reason to be true.  When I was called to the service of my family in the role of high lore keeper of the Thursby family, the honor was mine.  Like many of my kindred the history of our family was largely scattered through tales told in the Imperial halls, books of well known stories, art portraying now mythical moments from ages, years, and worlds whose names are little known and even less understood.

The duty fell to me after my father’s passing.  He for years would take me by the hand through far flung lands, battlefields, halls of ancient lords.  He would pass by spoken word tales I hardly understood.  Whole spring days were spent being shown relics which I could not understand.  Often he would turn to me and tell me that it was not important that I understood then the names or meaning of the stories.  One day he told me I would realize what it all meant.  As I took up the mantle he left behind the words he spoke to me so many times would slowly come to hold profound and unnerving truth.  

“All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.”

And so it is.

~Victoria Thursby, Matron of Lore for the Thursby Family, Scions of Numenor.


Introduction to the Appendices of Second Book of Thursby [RR]

From my brother to my every instructor, I was warned in preparing to write this history that I would be disappointed.  I fancied myself a person seeking the answers to questions often asked among our family, it’s friends and allies.  For however much I did know or could learn there were constantly deeper questions.  Ones less often asked.  Sometimes discouraged from being asked.  Who were the Scions of Numenor.  Where did we come from.  Why are we here?  Or most directly to my efforts, why, again and again over so many years are swaths of our history lost, retold and lost once more.

The truth to many of these questions is not mine to share.  But in writings to follow you may find some illumination to guide you in your own quest for truth.

This Book of Thursby, so we have come to call our histories, will be the third of those we have.  It is compiled from the journals, writings, spoken anecdotes and such which remain after the Seventh Umbral Age of Eorzea.  Selections for other books and records are included to give context and elaboration where I think it of value.  Supposition and liberty to decide the records view of the truth bonds this work together.  In the appendices you will find a collection of notes, dispatches and anecdotes as well as tales which have no grander tales to contain them.  They are all the same what give richness to the history you are about to learn.

May these words guide you to your own truth.

Tinfalas Thursby, 

Historian, Scions of Numenor


Forth - Introduction to the "Scions of Numenor."

As the White Fleet reaches its mid-point of its journey and involvement in the goings-on of Arda 922 it has been deemed wise to generate a succinct overview of the history that precedes it.

This cursory review serves to introduce the reader to the ancient events and souls which bridge the Fourth and what we now call the Latter Ages of Middle-earth, ending finally in our own times for which we have no title.

The Fourth Age saw the Line of Kings take root and thrive.  The unified kingdom powered the purge of ancient remnants of fell people and beasts.  The old strongholds of men of High Blood were revitalized, yet around them were walls.  It was with and among their own that the peoples of the old Kingdoms held fast.  

The Fare Folk with but a few exceptions left the shores of the world. 

The Halflings held fast to their lands and were little disturbed under the protection of the King.  The Dwarves revisited the highests of past ages within their halls and were rarely found beyond them.  

The Middle-men of the free world for their part resumed their ways from the past ages.  Memory of the past wars and enemies were quickly lost to days beyond their lives span.  The keeping of Ages themselves fell out of practice and indeed it was an era of remarkable peace so far as we now know.  

Yet as the keeping of ages passed, so did the traditions which kept alive knowledge and wisdom which made it possible.  Relations between Middle-men and those of High Blood became, if still amiable, rarer.  The walls about great cities of the Kingdom were boundaries as much as defenses. 

Within them, men of High Blood kept the writings, relics and wisdom of the past ages.  Outside of the walls, to Middle-men, their skills and wisdom fostered suspicion of things they could not understand.  This sundered the race of men on Middle-earth.  

It is only now known that after the equal of several ages of the old era the paths of the race of men had diverged both in the skill of crafts and wisdom beyond mending.  Near this time several events are written as having come to pass.  The Beacon of Andunie awoke.  The Dagger of Warding took on a sheen unknown from the past.  The remaining seeing stones took on new life but displayed only stars in the night sky.  Finally, the King called a great council in the White City, to which only the patriarchs of several families, the Steward of the Realm and several of the free races of Middle-earth. 

Following this council a great work began that spanned several life ages of Middle-men.  When it had ended the strongholds of the free peoples across Middle-earth were emptied.  

On the command of the last King on Middle-earth, those of High Blood took flight aboard great vessels, wrought true to their historical role by the shipwrights of House Thursby.  Save for caretakers the men of High Blood were not seen on their native shores again.  Those who remained behind whose hearts could not endure being severed from the lands of their blood, what is known of their days is not written here nor known to those of us who sallied forth.

The destiny the King had called forth the men of High Blood to make manifest was a journey to the stars.  Seen in seeing stones and dreams like, were calls to answer threat of shadows on distant shores not yet risen.  The "Curious Gift" or "Doom of Men"  after ages of mystery finally took-on meaning and purpose.  This purpose gave focus and mandate to the sons of the Kingdom.  Scions of lost Numenor yet unborn would be called to stand against evils yet unknown.

How many precise ages by the old reckoning have past is not known and in truth not relevant now.  In the time since the Latter Ages began the Line of Kings and then that of the Stewards waned and ended.  The peoples of High Blood, their kindred peoples from their home shores, took to their purpose and heritage with ever stronger focus.  

The people turned to the eldest kindred, shipwrights whose craft spanned through time to the days of the lost isle, whose ships now carried all of them through the stars.  From among their blood was appointed a leader, Taladine Thursby, eldest of the Sons of Numenor.

So the Latter Ages began and have come to their conclusion now without name.  A new chapter in a new volume of the Book of Thursby begins as a new era starts.

Benjimir Thursby - 



The Book of Thursby: Battle of Serpentine Canyon.

The Book of Thursby: Scions of Numenor continues. 

The Thursby Company finds itself torn by it's self appointed duties and desire for revenge as it is beset from within and at large.  The losses are grievous.  The future of the Thursby family and the Scions of Numenor takes shape and bonds of trust are tested.

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On The Book of Thursby.

The Book of Thursby (BoT) is a long running work of fan fiction rooted in several major Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.  It chronicles the history and adventures of Benjimir Thursby and the lore of the gaming guild I founded in 2008 as part of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).  Now that story has reached FFXIV. The work has grown to envelope many characters, most my own, others included with the blessing of their creators.

In every game I play there is a Benjimir.  I take my inspiration from Gen. George Patton’s poem “Through a looking Glass, darkly.” Many face, many names, but always me.  In this way the Lore behind each game has ties to that of the next game and coming of Benjimir.  Thus in my gaming and role playing I enjoy the personal fun of always being rooted in a grand never ending adventure.

For each game I play there is a new Volume of the BoT.  

Read long enough and you will notice the links connecting the worlds and story together.  The connecting lore is personal headcanon of course.  I don’t hold anybody to it in RP or for guild membership.  I have carefully written the BoT to keep the nods to headcanon out of sight and not a part of in-game RP.  And within a single volume the story is essentially self contained.

So when interacting in-game you would never know or hear of anything but compliant FFXIV lore for example.  I dislike doing things that ever require people to bend their IC foundations.  

It is a topic I handle carefully as there are some that recoil at even the concept of headcanon that isn’t entirely orthodox.  I am always happy to answer questions.

On characters.

Since 2008 I have occasionally written characters I RP with, with their permission, into my stories.  With FFXIV that practice has expanded and there are several characters are or were actual player characters not my own.  I wouldn’t mind ghost writing for more characters but my plate is full at the moment.