Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - Our newest game.  We play as "Scions of Numenor" on Balmong server.

  The Lord of the Rings Online - "Sons of Numenor," established in 2008 on Landroval server!  Our largest and most active group, and always home to us!  Numenorean Guard is our full-time, dedicated Raiding Group, which you are free to participate with in addition to being part of Sons of Numenor.  Likewise, members joining Numenorean Guard, are always welcome to join us in SoN at anytime!

  Star Wars: The Old Republic - "Sons of Numenor."  Our Republic based guild in SWTOR!  We play on Ebon Hawk.

 Star Wars: The Old Republic - "Scions of Korriban."  Our Imperial guild in SWTOR.  Our "bad guy" faction, which has enjoyed occasionally coming across our Sons of Numenor brothern in open zones! We play on Ebon Hawk.


 World of Warships

 World of Tanks - "Sons of Numenor." We do not currently play in Clan Wars, however we have members who play on a pick-up basis.  The division is open to all who wish to play.